Based in Kenya, and established in 1979, Spinners & Spinners Ltd (S&S) is a heritage company that has deep roots in entrepreneurship within the region.
As an organisation that embraces the beauty of cultural diversity, we employ over 1,500 people directly in our operations. The multiplier impact of this direct employment is well over six-fold in terms of impact in the livelihood of our people and families.
Through consistent investments in Kaizen, technological advancements, and compliance to world standards in Quality & Environmental Care (ISO Certifications 9001 & 14001) and Ethical Operations (SMETA Certification covering Labor, Health & Safety, Environment and Business Ethics) we continue to learn, grow and create relevance within the Textiles Sector.
A cornerstone of this is our Company’s commitment towards enabling continuous investment in people through technical training and development, career advancement pathways and personal development.

This provides an enabling platform to explore and express the innate curious culture for innovation and advancements.
A core component of our sustained growth model is pegged on the high trust, long term relationships we share with our suppliers, service partners, and customers.

This has been a key strength, serving us well and has enabled us to have an active Pan African market presence, with a global outlook.